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Archery White Pigskin Longbow Hunting Horsebow 40LBS 6 pcs Wooden Arrows Gear
Location: China
Brand/Style: Longbow Archery
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Red Leather Fiberglass Bow Hunting Archery traditional Handmade Recurve Longbow
Location: China
Brand/Style: Longbow Archery
Shipping: Free
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White Handmade Outdoor Hunting Longbow RecurveBow Archery Leather Fiberglass Bow
Location: China
Brand/Style: Longbow Archery
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Archery Training Kids Wooden Bow Longbow Children Junior Gift Toy Outdoor Game
Location: Amazon Warehouse
Brand/Style: Longbow Archery
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Longbow Archery Details

This kit includes everything you need to get started in archery EXCEPT, a target, and some type of finger protection is recommended by not recquired.

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Draw Weight: 40 lbs.
Draw Length: 28"
Max Speed: 170 FPS
Length: 61"
Weight: 3.6 lbs.
Aluminum Riser
Black Color
30" Carbon arrow and 30" aluminum arrow recommended for this compound bow.


Weight: 0.5lb(0.22kgs)

Size: 930mmx200mm

Draw weight: 15-20lb

Material: compression molded firbreglas

Product Features

1) Light weight for easy take of kids

2) Light draw weight for kids

3) Durable fibreglass material, most durable material, safe to kids

4) Bring kids much fun

5) Best gift for kids

6) Good start for archery

Package Includes

1 x bow

4 x arrows(2 arrows with sucker)

1 x arm guard

1 x finger tab

The Recurve bow is the perfect first bow for younger kids ready to join the sport. Great for learning valuable shooting skills while having fun!


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